You become one by making 10 teammates 2x

“We will work as a group, we need to be a real team, that is the only way to go far” (Francesco Totti)

Sometimes I feel sorry for our recruitment team. They spent years looking for rockstar developers, only to realize that the developers they should have been searching for are actually ninjas. When they finally found where ninja developers live, and learned to speak the ninja language, the target moved once again…

Can René Descartes help you with your multi-cloud strategy?

“I think, therefore I am”

The French philosopher René Descartes (1596–1650), set himself the task of determining how certainty could be established. He believed that we should:

Systematically doubt everything that could be doubted, including the most common beliefs.

In order to illustrate his approach, Descartes used the analogy of a basket full of apples…

Deficiencies that initially reduce your velocity might eventually kill your product

“To the Power Plant Run-Off Stream, please, I need to collect a Three-Eyed Fish for my Science Class” (Lisa Simpson)

Metaphors are great. Especially when we as developers need to explain our geeky world to people who don’t write code.

Technical Debt is a metaphor, coined by Ward Cunningham, co-author of the agile software development manifesto, as well as a guru in the fields of object-oriented programming and design patterns…

Reconsidering core system architecture and operating model concepts for B2B SaaS products

Born and raised on the same tree? (Photo by Ben Ashby on Unsplash)

If you have ever built a B2B SaaS product, I am betting that one of the first things you were told is that multi-tenancy must be the operating model for your entire product.

Marc Benioff, founder & CEO of the most successful SaaS company in the world, said (2008):


Things to consider when optimizing your org structure

“Nothing we can’t fix in a day or two” (source:

You probably noticed that every presentation or article about agile software development or about micro services architecture can’t be considered scientific nor serious unless it somehow mentions Conway’s law.

Back in 1967, when “full stack” was still describing a state of a data structure and if someone told you that…

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